The Formosa Evergreen Senior Citizens Centre, founded in 2002, is a non-profit organization that is focused on relieving the loneliness and isolation that is experienced by many seniors, and to improve their fitness and overall well being. Based in the GTA, we provide recreational, educational, and cultural activities and other programs for senior citizens. Over the years, we've grown into a large community consisting of many people from different paces and with different stories, but all working towards bettering each other and our communities. Hundreds of students over 55 years old and above are here to discuss and study, including members with ages up to 92 years old and more! As our slogan "The FESCC- A very warm seniors' family" proclaimed, we provide a high-quality "live to old and learn to be old" Wen Yun learning and social environment to help the elders relieve their homesickness and be healthy and happy.

We organize more than 20 kinds of activities and courses, including sports gymnastics, talent leisure, calligraphy, painting, paper rattan, handicraft, computers, English, singing, dancing, reading clubs, Tai Chi, badminton, Billiards, Mahjong, line dance, Yuanji dance and culinary talent courses. We have a low tuition fee per semester (about half a year), only 10 dollars for membership fee, 20 dollars for tuition, and you can choose to take a variety of courses and activities. Each semester has a birthday party, health lectures, end-of-term dinners, summer study trips and other colorful activities. All teachers have high expertise, are enthusiastic about teaching, are amiable, and are deeply loved by the rest of the folks and elders.

The promotion of a philanthropy comes from the support of many great benevolent people behind it. When I went through the registration procedures for this charity, I lost my way alone in the snow-covered icy park path, I was not afraid, because I knew I was I am not alone. Even in the most difficult moments, everyone can always give me strength and help me solve difficult issues. Today is another new beginning for us, the Evergreen. I sincerely ask you to continue to give attention, love and financial support based on your long-term support and encouragement, so that FESCC will be able to share with you our mission under the leadership of Chairman of the Board of Directors Jen Wang (Jen Wang). The ideal of being old and human is moving forward.